RMB Toyota Northallerton undergoes a major refurbishment.

RMB Toyota Northallerton is undergoing a refurbishment as the dealership goes through a Toyota concept refresh - the first of RMB's three Toyota dealerships to be transformed. 

With big changes being made, the dealership will become a state of the art Toyota facility offering a relaxing atmosphere for waiting customers.

For those familiar with the dealership you may get a shock when visiting after the makeover is complete, as the Aftersales facilities including the Service and Parts offices are being transformed in a big way, with customers able to see into the glass walled offices, and watch the teams hard at work.

The refurbishment is expected to be complete by mid-July, but for now it is business as usual for the dealership as they continue to trade as normal. It’ll be worth the wait in the end though as the updated showroom will be truly outstanding with its new furniture and design. 

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